Vehicle Stalls With the AC Turned on – AC Compressor Would possibly Be Locked Up

One among many most important causes of a car stalling with the A/C on is a seized compressor. If there’s screeching, smoking, stalling and the air blows warmth out of the vents every time the AC is turned on it’s a good guess that the compressor has locked up. If there’s solely a belt squealing nevertheless the car doesn’t stall and the AC cools, higher than probably the belt or the tensioner is worn. Essentially the most in all probability motive behind a car not idling extreme enough and usually stalling with the A/C turned on with not one of the completely different factors talked about might be an IAC (Idle Air Administration) motor.

*Have in mind the compressor may probably be scorching to the contact when checking.

Learn how to look at for a locked up or seized compressor

  1. Try and flip the clutch plate (on the highest of the cpompressor).
  2. Using a socket on the nut that holds the clutch plate on – see if it might be turned.
  3. Seek for indicators of the clutch plate over-heating; discoloration.

If the belt is free it might be because of a worn serpentine belt tensioner, nevertheless this alone won’t set off the car to stall. A sticking IAC motor may trigger the car to stall. An IAC motor normally will get carbon assemble up which will set off sticking. If the idle doesn’t go up when the AC is turned on the engine can stall. Many events if that’s the difficulty, the IAC motor might be far from the throttle physique and cleaned with a brush and gasoline injector spray after which re-installed.


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