Cherry Crimson Or "Midnight Blue"? – Lou Gramm – Its Which suggests

An eighteen month earlier child sees the world in black and white, no shades of grey. It’s a reality of life that when this child has battle sooner than him or her they’ll polarise pretty quickly–it’s one extreme or the alternative. And the an identical sentiment is demonstrated in Lou Gramm’s 1987 No1 hit, Midnight Blue, albeit a father talking with son in regards to the actualities of life.

It’s a vital differentiation. At events, life is each cherry purple or midnight blue. And it’s proper that this observe is a ballad–a love observe, but it surely absolutely’s manner over that with its daring nevertheless simple, strident, and twangy guitar work.

Life could also be overly simplified by pondering of it on the subject of the cherry purple or midnight blue, but it surely absolutely’s nevertheless true, many events we’re provided two picks nevertheless a myriad of how via which to enact these two picks.

I consider life’s designed merely, however we’re apt at complicating it. So normally we draw out of it complexities dared of in folly. We research the laborious means, if not the simple preliminary means.

And there’s a sense on this observe of 1 specific particular person’s solidarity. They don’t seem to be a really perfect specific particular person by any means, nevertheless a person all the same–an real specific particular person with a character mounted in reality–his or her private actuality; one which aligns by-and-large with the world they meet with.

This specific particular person follows others no further, nevertheless they instead search to observe by means of, making good of points devoted and promised. Getting once more to the ballad, Midnight Blue is about making good on love. It’s about prepared and remaining and being there for that specific particular person now we have devoted to…

“I cannot say the place,

And I have no idea when,

Nonetheless rapidly there’s gonna come a day,

I might be once more as soon as extra.”

It’s a few promise. Midnight Blue is just a few promise of faith–to be once more, to return again once more. And it’s a pretty black and white situation for us on this implies moreover. We dwell and die by our picks. Which is it to be? Cherry purple or midnight blue?

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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