Did Elvis Presley Go to Heaven?

One in all many dilemmas I confronted on turning right into a fully-fledged Christian was coming to phrases with my loyalty to certain cultural icons who throughout the handed had been labelled as un-Christian. The most effective of these is little query “the King” himself, Elvis Presley. Sooner than Elvis, the one specific individual in historic previous who might probably be acknowledged merely as “the King” was more than likely Jesus himself. Was Elvis an occasion of Satan’s grand plan to subvert the authority of our Lord?

Many Christians of that interval observed the looks of rock n roll as a result of the worst issue which may happen to custom throughout the west. It was the devil’s brew stirring up unhealthy passions in healthful children. Elvis was so shocking that he may solely be filmed from the waist up! Nonetheless, like many youngsters I beloved Elvis and all his tunes, and could not think about that God would want to ship such a massively proficient specific individual to hell. In his life, a confessed Christian himself which in itself must be enough to keep away from losing him, he always acquired right here all through as the right gentleman, type and considerate to all his followers. Possibly in his private life, there was a hell that solely his inside circle knew about, nonetheless that is not uncommon amongst Christians sometimes. We’re all anticipated to reside a lifetime of martyrdom to a level.

In deciding whether or not or not or to not pull the plug on Elvis and ship him to rock n roll hell, I wanted to be reliable with myself and decide what it was about his music that I most well-liked. Was it that it roused passions inside me that I could not administration? Or was it that it impressed a love of life, and even greater than that, a love of our created universe which we often describe as “all points being successfully with the world”? I decided in the long term it was the latter. His music doesn’t drive me proper right into a sexual frenzy, it makes me actually really feel that we’re all part of one factor bigger and further mysterious than we’re in a position to ever know. That one factor should be God. That’s true I really feel for all good music, perhaps even of paintings sometimes, and, as such, Satan has no half in any of it. Pretty the choice, good paintings, good music, similar to the earlier hymns of the earlier, might assist us to rise above the unusual in our lives so that we get a glimpse of that exact place that awaits us in eternity.

Thankfully, on that reckoning, I can be sure that the King of Rock n Roll, should not be solely assured a spot in heaven, nonetheless is occupying some specific throne very close to the Lord.

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