Elvis Presley’s Demise – The Ultimate Time I Styled His Hair

August 17, eight am, 1977 – Memphis Funeral Residence; I’m about to kind Elvis Presley’s hair for the ultimate time. Since 1964, I’ve completed this lots of of events: for ten movies, tons of of dwell efficiency dates, Las Vegas reveals – nevertheless nothing like this…nothing.

The one sound I hear is a pounding “ba-bam, ba-bam,” with the counterpoint of “click-clack, click-clack,” as if someone has turned the bass up so loud that I can’t hear one thing nevertheless the rhythm half. The great thing about the music, the melody, the lyrics, they’re nowhere to be heard. Nevertheless I do know the place they’re: they’re prepared inside the chilly silence inside the room on the end of this darkish corridor, under the stark white sheet that covers the earthly stays of Elvis Presley. The sounds that echo inside the prolonged passageway are my furiously beating coronary coronary heart and my heavy footsteps reverberating in the direction of the stone partitions as I put collectively to get him ready for his remaining public look.

I enter the grim, sterile room, the foul odor of chemical compounds assaulting my nostrils with their ungodly odor. All I can see is Elvis’ lifeless physique lying under the sheet on the autopsy desk. I slowly make my strategy to face at his side, my aching eyes staring into his face as I choke once more a wave of chaotic emotions. I instantly actually really feel dazed, clutching the desk to maintain up my steadiness. The very fact of his lifeless presence forces me to easily settle for the inevitable, and however…how is that this potential, and my very personal coronary coronary heart goes on beating?

As I check out that good aquiline nostril, these well-known curled lips-the visage of an Adonis-the unnatural stillness of his face strikes a chord in my memory of the unthinkable: that his voice will not ever sing as soon as extra. Now, my buddy, you’ll have handed by the use of the gates of the immortality of the soul, whose inviolable secret solely demise itself possesses. No, this is not potential, this is not occurring, this can’t be precise.

My coronary coronary heart is overflowing with unbearable ache nevertheless it does not matter what, I’ve to rearrange Elvis’ hair for his funeral. I’m struck by the intimacy of the attendant cosmeticians as they apply a pasty make-up to his arms. Immediately he has no entourage, no administration to take care of strangers at bay.

I do my most interesting to look calm {{and professional}}, as I put collectively to do the job his father requested me to do. My quiet exterior belies the confluence of emotions inside. I hear my very personal indignant voice in my head, nevertheless no sound emerges as I scream, “Rattling it, Elvis! Why didn’t we merely maintain in Hawaii? You knew exactly what you wanted to do: merely title the Colonel and inform him to cancel the next two excursions, inform him what you will have decided in regards to the future. Rattling! You may have been so concerned about disappointing your followers. Now it’s too late; they are going to be disenchanted eternally. They’ll certainly not see you as soon as extra!”

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