The place Have All the Males Gone?

There are additional guffawing girls on television data channels than there are on the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills. What’s up with that? These girls differ in seems to be like from Paris Hilton to Lou Dobbs in drag.

Are males the following endangered species? Have ladies rendered them redundant? Are we headed for america of Amazonia?

A quick take a look at Fox Data gives the impression {{that a}} viewer has inadvertently tuned in to a Hugh Hefner Bunny Reunion, significantly on Bill O’Reilly’s current. Besides he’s sitting naked on a pound of free goose feathers, it’s possibly Bill’s thrill of being surrounded by saccharine, silly, simpering starlets that causes him to giggle similar to they do. It’s embarrassing to look at, so I don’t. This wanted to be a male alternative on the corporate stage to attract additional female viewers. Don’t they understand that it’s males we have to watch and by no means each other? This may be why Fox is repeatedly referred to as the “gyno group.” A number of of those lovelies are referred to as “rotating anchors.” That may very well be how they purchased the job inside the first place.

A number of of those babes, the similar ones that decry sexism, an imaginary “glass ceiling,” and who try to shut down their native Hooters, placed on necklines so low, they seem like they’re leaping rope. They are going to title it “data” within the occasion that they like, nevertheless it is nothing larger than a babe parade on steroids. They seem like Barbie blow-up dolls for lonely males. The additional discerning man would flip to MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell.

Nonetheless, O’Donnell, one of many essential enticing ladies on the air, has an unfortunate and maniacal cackle that may make Alfred Hitchcock shiver with fright. The current’s producers have to be careful to not e-book any comics who might make her chortle.

Speaking of MSNBC, their site lists, with photos, no fewer than 69 female newscasters, with fetching Bunny names like Contessa, Dara, Savannah and Britta. These girlie newscasters nearly make CBS’s Katie Couric seem like an individual. (There’s any person I might not watch at gunpoint.)

Among the believable female newscasters is CNN’s Senior Political Correspondent, Candy Crowley, who’s conscious of on the very least as lots about politics as Wolf Blitzer, and a whole lot larger than President Bush. Along with, she’s the one female data correspondent who wouldn’t begin every sentence with the phrase “Correctly…”

60 Minutes choices Leslie Stahl, an ageing blonde who seems to be like like she’s carrying a hamster on her head. She might want to have one factor on any person at CBS because of, compared with Barbara Walters’ simply penetrating interviews, she’s not even within the similar league.

CNN choices Campbell Brown, the beautiful brunette with the good gams. The digicam likes them, too, and often pans them. Presumably CNN is attempting to stage out that her tales have legs.

Rachael Maddow, frequent customer inside the political pundit enviornment, is beautiful and good. She should be an anchor explicit individual and supplies some cred to the in every other case magnificence pageant side of at current’s television data.

Sports activities actions is one different area ladies have seeped into, nevertheless their lack of understanding regarding the sport they’re overlaying makes them humorous adequate to be carried by Comedy Central.

So the place are all of the boys? There are refined indications that they are hiding in darkened rooms nationwide, bleary eyed from watching the babe parade beneath the guise of watching the data. A number of of them are nonetheless salivating as they enter the daylight and seem shocked that Hillary Clinton lastly conceded. Sort of.

If I’ll uncover a person, I now know he solely desires TV data to be snug, after I used to imagine all it took was a beer, a buddy, and a soccer with nipples.


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