The Superior Colour Evaluation System Simplified

Historically, when one is attempting to determine her ‘season’ (or her greatest palette of colours), she is going to look to see if she has heat or cool undertones. Whereas this is a crucial facet to a coloration evaluation, it’s only part of the equation. And it’s not essentially the very first thing you search for. Within the superior 12 season coloration evaluation system, the very first thing you search for is the MOST dominant attribute of the particular person.

19th Century artist Albert Munsell talked about coloration having Three traits: Hue, Worth and Chroma.

1. Hue means merely what coloration an object is, like purple, orange, or inexperienced. Each hue shall be both heat or cool, or some mixture of the 2. Instance: Yellow is heat; Blue is cool; Inexperienced is balanced.

2. Worth simply means the lightness or darkness of a coloration. Sometimes, mild colours have tints of white added to it. Darkish colours have some shade of black added to it.

3. Chroma means a coloration’s readability or saturation. A sunny Yellow can be thought-about totally saturated or clear. “Mustard” can be thought-about a muted Yellow. There’s normally a heaviness or grayness added to a muted coloration. So Chroma refers to how clear a coloration is or how muted it’s, or because it’s referred to within the system, its ‘Softness’.

HUE= Heat or Cool

VALUE=Gentle or Darkish

CHROMA=Clear or Delicate

From these Three elements of coloration we get 6 dominant traits that an individual can exhibit.


2. Cool

3. Gentle

4. Darkish



It’s these 6 traits which are most necessary in figuring out your season. Search for these traits FIRST. For those who can decide your dominant attribute, you’re 75% there in figuring out your season. The secondary attribute will finalize which season you’re.

Here’s a the 12 Season Colour Idea in a nutshell:

Every particular person could have 1 of 6 dominant “traits” of their coloring which is the first figuring out consider analyzing them. They’re:

Deep:Darkish and wealthy. Suppose Cher or Kim Kardashian

Gentle: Gentle and delicate. Suppose Gwyneth Paltrow or Heather Locklear

Delicate: Delicate & muted. Suppose Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Aniston

Clear: Clear & vivid. Suppose Courtney Cox or a younger Liz Taylor

Heat: No cool undertones. Suppose Reba McIntyre or Sarah Ferguson

Cool: No heat undertones. Suppose Christy Brinkley or Liz Hurley

As an example:

You probably have deep coloring, then the second figuring out issue is whether or not you look higher in heat colours or cool colours. If cool colours flatter you greatest, then you’re decided to be a “Deep Winter.” So whilst you favor cool colours over heat, the truth that you’re DEEP is a very powerful facet to your coloring. Your greatest colours will embody the deepest darkest colours; you’ll want to keep away from mild colours. In case your dominant attribute is both “Heat” or “Cool”, then resolve whether or not you like clear or muted colours subsequent. As soon as you’ve got discovered these two parts, you’ve got bought your season discovered!

Deep, cool colours = Deep Winter

Deep, heat colours = Deep Autumn.

Gentle, heat colours = Gentle Spring

Gentle, cool colours = Gentle Summer time

Clear, cool colours = Clear Winter

Clear, heat colours = Clear Spring

Delicate, heat colours = Delicate Autumn

Delicate, cool colours = Delicate Summer time

Heat, clear colours = Heat Spring

Heat, smooth colours = Heat Autumn

Cool, smooth colours = Cool Summer time

Cool, clear colours = Cool Winter

That is the essence of the 12 season system. Keep in mind to search for essentially the most dominant of the 6 traits first and you’re in your manner.

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