St Croix, Invisible to the World, Due to the Media

I am writing to highlight the plight of the US Virgin Islands after receiving a devastating ‘knock out’ by hurricane Irma and Maria.

The day sooner than Hurricane Maria demolished Puerto Rico, Sept 20, 2017, she destroyed america Virgin Islands, moreover known as the America’s Paradise, a bunch of islands throughout the Caribbean that is positioned 40 miles (64 km) east of Puerto Rico. The U.S. Virgin Islands embody the precept islands of St Croix, St John, St Thomas and Water Island.

For some uncommon trigger, the media safety is almost non-existent. I’ve debated with this question for years, ‘If a tree falls throughout the forest, and there’s no individual spherical to take heed to, does it make a sound?’ I’ve flipped-flopped for years, “Positive, it made a sound and No, it didn’t.” Nonetheless after the scarcity of safety all through and after the devastating outcomes that has crippled St. Croix by Hurricane Maria, I will on no account debate (with that question) as soon as extra. Positive, if the tree fell throughout the forest, it made a sound. Regardless that there could also be lack of media safety of this disastrous storm, certain, Maria wrecked St. Croix.

Let’s once more observe to Sept 6, Irma, a category 5 hurricane, arrived, hammered and ruined St. Thomas, St. John, the British Virgin Islands and completely different Caribbean islands. All strains of communications have been misplaced whereas households and buddies flooded social media with prayers and cries, merely wishing they are going to hear one phrase about their love ones. Strangers wept as people posted frantic emotional messages about their love ones. No person cared if the person was black or white, female or male, Muslim or Christian, Straight or Gay, Democrat or Republican, Trump lover or Trump hater, the current of life was in jeopardy and that’s all all people cared about.

The following day, Thursday, Sept 7, not a social media submit, not a telephone identify, not even the two little blue checkmarks that normally appeared on Whatsapp was seen. Then on Friday, Sept 8, I acquired a Whatsapp message, “Hey my buddies and relations. I am advantageous and so are my daughters. The island is in smash. Thank God… we’re alive. The hospital is damaged and must be abandoned. I am at work now nevertheless the entire victims will be out by tomorrow. Thank for checking. Protect praying. Love you! Stan.” My good buddy (with whom I spoke) is a nurse in St. Thomas hospital and as soon as I acquired his message, I was relieved that I lastly acquired a message that there is nonetheless life on St. Thomas, nevertheless then water flooded my eyes, my fellowmen lives keep in jeopardy. I felt helpless and that’s the worst feeling. There’s not an precise rely however, nevertheless Irma claimed some lives on St. Thomas.

Irma turned a world acknowledged journey trip spot, St. Thomas & St. John, into rubbles. The roof of the hospital was ripped off and water acquired right here pouring in. Emergency efforts began nearly immediately to airlift victims from St. Thomas hospital to Puerto Rico and St. Croix respectively. Whereas discount was on the best way by which for the victims, the Crucian people felt the burning need to do one factor to help their sister islands. St. Croix people began their rescue efforts and loaded boats with cases of bottle waters, meals, clothes, generators, and one thing they could get their arms on, to maneuver to St. Thomas. The Crucians even prepare short-term consuming locations on St. Thomas to current the people scorching modern meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On their method once more to St. Croix, some people of St. Thomas and St. John have been transport to St. Croix. Their efforts continued until the alarm sounded {{that a}} Class 5 Hurricane was in direct path to St. Croix with winds over 165 miles per hour.

The night time time of Sept 19 was the second longest night time time of my life. I stayed up crying all night time time, merely imaging the destruction of Hurricane Maria. Blowing away galvanized roofs, breaking electrical poles, uprooting large mahogany timber, flooding people’s properties and shredding each half in her path. I started to relive 28 years prior to now as soon as I witnessed Hurricane Hugo that visited and devastated St. Croix. In the mean time which have was my worst. It was the longest night time time of my life. I was 15 years of age and I have in mind roughly 10pm when the roof merely peeled off and inside seconds all I seen have been black skies and the sound of impress colliding throughout the gushing winds. My dad and mother, 5 of my brothers and I remained shut to at least one one other as we ran to our completely different house that was unfinished. We hid behind the partitions. Our house had a completed roof, nevertheless no house home windows or doorways. And my dad didn’t board up the house home windows sooner than the storm. After the hurricane was over, the roof for that house keep intact, thank God. That night time time my mom and I slept on a sheet of plywood on the moist chilly concrete floor. The following morning, the island resembled the stays of a battle topic. The entire panorama was rusty brown as if the entire island was set on fireside by a malicious workers of gangsters, houses became rubbles, timber broken from the underside or uprooted. Curfew was enforced. I have in mind sitting on the steps prepared for the military truck to stop by and drop off meals. I fortuitously ran up the freeway and gladly knowledgeable them the amount of people in my family and the troopers gave me a area of properly packaged meals. We stayed out of school for about 2 months and higher than 6 months with out electrical vitality and working water.

All through these cases, a tear on no account rolled down my eyes, all I wanted to do was survive. Nonetheless, 28 years later, tears flooded my eyes, fearful of the unknown and the irritating half was there was no phrase on mainstream media that Hurricane Maria was instantly hitting St. Croix.

Most of us on the mainland, tuned into CNN, FOX, ABC NEWS, nevertheless there was no phrase of St. Croix. As if St. Croix wouldn’t exist. Positive, Maria devastated St. Croix and a few days later, I found that Maria moreover demolished the already devastated islands of St. Thomas and St. John. So, the question is, “If the media wouldn’t report one factor, did it happen? Don’t give it some thought, let me reply the question, “Positive, Hurricane Maria destroyed america Virgin Islands along with Puerto Rico and completely different Caribbean islands.”

On Sept 6, President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that he spoke with Governor Kenneth Mapp of the Virgin Islands and ‘We’re with you all!’ That was a message relating to Hurricane Irma. I am not sure if President Trump was educated about Maria hitting St. Croix, nevertheless each method, I would like President Trump and the people of America to know that United States Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. Thomas, & St. John) have been demolished by the apple of IRMA and MARIA evil eyes.

The Virgin Islands are residence to about 107,000 people, its inhabitants is made up of a varied set of people that discover themselves predominantly English speaking.

I and completely different Virgin Islanders who’re residing on the US (mainland), want to plead for media safety of this ravaged house which is a vacationer trip spot that caters to over 2.6 million people who go to yearly.

In conclusion, as a direct outcomes of Hurricane IRMA and MARIA, a lot of the properties throughout the Virgin Islands have been flooded and are missing roofs or have collapsed partitions. Many roads are impassible attributable to flooding, fallen timber, and downed vitality poles. Many properties are with out electrical vitality and entry to safe ingesting water.

The Media simply is not solely an very important part of society, nevertheless it is the ‘watchdog’ who’s chargeable for giving hope to the voiceless. On this event, they’re absent. Why? WE need movement NOW!

Phrase: This was not an article to complain nevertheless to elucidate the severity of the state of damage and the scarcity of consideration for People in America’s Paradise.

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